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Its Time to Tell the Truth
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Its Time to Tell the Truth
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Truth Alliance
A network of civil society organisation’s based across Nigeria and Niger.
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Truth Alliance Partners

Who we are

The Truth Alliance

The Truth Alliance is a new network of civil society organisation’s across both Nigeria and Niger who have come together to expose the truth behind how violent and extremist groups draw young people into their ranks.

We believe the time has come to tell the truth about the traps, the tricks, the lies and the deceit that are used to draw them in.

We want people to think for themselves about this truth, to realise if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Our campaign is about the real stories of real people who survived these groups and our campaign tells those stories through the voices of friends and family.

Join us, help us and stop others from falling for the trap.


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Join the Truth Alliance Movement Now

Are you ready to take a stand against extremism and violence? Join the Truth Alliance movement and be a part of the solution. Together, we can spread awareness, share real stories, and help prevent others from falling into the trap. Sign up now and join a network of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to promoting peace and countering violent extremism.

Join our campaign now!

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